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Leadership, Stress Management

 & Business Training Providers

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Leadership Training, Stress Management & Business Training Company

Integration Training is a stress management training, leadership training, team building, communication training, time management training and resilience training provider, based in London, Brighton, Sussex and Birmingham UK.

We are the UK specialist training company in the "embodied" approach to management training (sometimes called physical intelligence or somatics), providing reliable and effective third-sector, public-sector and business training. Because it's highly interactive our management training goes deep quickly, is enjoyable and lasts, providing an excellent return on investment.

Management Training Providers

Our bespoke leadership training focuses on practical application and results most relevant to clients. Our specialities as training providers are helping people get more done while staying sane (stress management traininganger management training, time management training and emotional intelligence training), coordinate work more effectively (communication and team building) and become superb leaders (management training).

Our leadership training and business training ranges from one-to-one coaching, consultancy, small group training and large group interventions. We do not provide open public courses expect occasional embodiment courses.

Workplace Stress Management Training

Our stress management training ensures staff are healthier, happier and more productive. We are experienced stress management training providers and our work reduces staff turnover and sick-days, and increases morale and productivity.

Contact us to find out how management training, bespoke leadership training or work stress training can benefit your organisation.

Telephone us on: 01273 90682

(Brighton, Sussex/ London UK office)

International +44 (0)1273 906828

Satisfied Clients

"Valuable, well presented, practical"
- Harrow NHS (London, UK)

"Everything was from the 'heart', not just going through the motions. We are a tough, strong bunch and everyone got something from yesterday's session so THANK YOU! It was great and I'm looking forward to the next session!"
- Kirstie Hawton, Training & Development Manager, Virgin Atlantic, Sussex, UK

"The best management training session I've done here and I am really looking forward to putting my learning into action!"
- Sacha - UNICEF, London

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