Our Approach to Corporate Training

Optimized-natasha-bidgood-3290.JPG Our stress management training, office team building and management training is effective and unique. Here's why:

Integrated and Embodied Training

During our business and corporate training we take into account the whole person, working with mental, physical and emotional aspects to maximize results. Because people are multi-sided our training is multi-sided (detailed analysis here). We are one of the few training providers to incorporate the role of the body, using posture, breathing and movement in our training. This "embodied learning" approach is more effective than regular corporate training as it goes deeper, is learned quicker and is longer lasting.

Optimized-natasha-bidgood-3232.JPGThink about someone you respect professionally and like personally. The difference between them and others is not just what they know but what they embody. By this we don't mean their physique, but how they come across as a person. Put very simply - "how they are". Stress management, team building, leadership and communication training all have bodily aspects which other training providers and management training courses ignore, yet our physiology communicates so much of who we are.

Embodied learning works and we're specialists in it. In our management training workshops we offer clients practices that they can integrate into their daily activities so that they can truly embody the training's benefits. We are proud to be at the leading-edge of this work as the UK's Embodied Management Training specialist.

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Experiential & Enjoyable Management Training

Our corporate training courses involve learning through experience, again making it effective, quick to learn and long-lasting. People remember and change through participating in training. An experiential corporate training approach also makes our training enjoyable and an up-lifting break from the norm. Power Point alone is dull let's face it. In workshops clients never spend more than ten minutes listening or looking at slides, but rather learn through activity.

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Who We Are (Training Providers with Depth)

We're able to back up what we say in training not just with academic qualifications but with experience of working both in the corporate management training world and in intense and colourful environments worldwide. Our work has taken us from the UK to such places as the slums of Brazil, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and with conflicted communities in the Middle East (With non-profit Aiki Extensions and independently). Our training comes from diverse sources such as the martial arts, outdoor education and peace-building (e.g. alongside the United Nations in Cyprus and in Sierra Leone). We learnt our corporate training the hard way so you don't have to, and we bring a depth, breadth and intensity of experience to our work.

Our promise is simple: improvement that you'll love.

How do I find out more?

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