New Business/ AE Board Meeting

After ten years of studying body-mind disciplines, particularly aikido, psychology, Non-Violent Communication and somatics, I’ve decided top start a business in this line. I’m currently designing two services – one for gyms and one for corporate groups. Since deciding to do this a month ago, on a return flight from the Aiki Extensions meeting in California,

life has become a whirlwind adventure of learning and hard work. I’ve been exploring other arts such as Systema (Ow), yoga (ohh) and regular gym products such as Boxercise and BodyCombat (yawn). In addition I’m learning how to be a businessman which is a twister as I spent so long seeing businessmen as the enemy! So far I’m loving it.

Board Meeting Training Photo: Top – David Lukoff, Richard Strozzi-Heckler Sensei, Philip Emminger, Neil Mick Seated – Me, Aviv Goldsmith Sensei, AE President Don Levine, Jamie Zimron Sensei