Ten Behaviours for Coping with A Crisis – William Harryman – E-Book Review

Ten Behaviours for Coping with a Crisis (Dealing with Change) is the first e-book by master blogger William Harryman. I have been an avid reader of William’s Integral Options Cafe for the last few years, using it as a kind of RSS feed and filter for…well…anything interesting.

The book would make a good adjunct to traditional stress and modern Western psychological resilience literature and draws strongly from Buddhist traditions (being present here and now and developing a string observer self through meditation for example).

Joseph Campbell is also mentioned (the hero’s journey, follow your bliss guy) , as is Jung (Freud’s hippy son), Robert Masters (a renown and controversial modern bodyworker/therapist), ecopsychology (nature is good for your brain), the importance of creativity and physical heath (naturally I liked the embodied and practice driven nature of the book).

It’s a good read, that balances the literature out there on the subject already. Criticisms…don’t like the title – not snappy or as focused as it might be, resilience rather than coping may be a better dialogue to embed the book in and to to be integral traditional Western approaches could be included. There minor points though and all in all, I’d highly recommend it- available HERE.

William Harryman is a freelance writer and editor, a blogger, a personal fitness trainer, and a graduate student in counseling psychology. He is certified in Spiral Dynamics Integral: Personal Emergence. He lives in Tucson with his girlfriend, a trauma therapist, and their very large Great Dane, Maggie.

William blogs at Integral Options Café and The Masculine Heart.