Viral Video Competition – Win a Free I-Pad (Or £500 cold hard, not for Steve Jobs cash)


Make and upload a short video promoting the services of business training company Integration Training to a target market. The video should be funny/useful/surprising/touching enough to “go viral” and receive a large number of views on Youtube. The purpose of this project is both to promote our services to people who may buy them and secondarily, to benefit our search engine rankings.

Target Market

The video is designed to appeal to HR and training managers in large and medium sized companies, primarily in the UK. The demographic of this group is 70%  female with an average age of 40 (with wide variance). These are the people that buy our services and we would love it if they would enjoy the videos and send them to colleagues.

Conditions of Entry

Videos may be just pictures and text or actual videos.

All videos must:

  • be complete and uploaded on Youtube by Nov 15th
  • include a a link back to in the video description, have relevant keywords listed and the Integration Training website and contact details shown on video
  • be on one of the following subjects (preferably using the keywords suggested in title):

stress management, work stress, stress at work, stress management training

business training

management, management training

team building, team development, building a team

time management, time management training, time management courses

business coaching

communication training, conflict resolution training, confidence training, emotional intelligence training

leadership, leadership training

– respect copyright laws

Example of Ideas

(all up for grabs and to start you thinking…)

– Someone going crazy and smashing up a computer then a page asking, “stressed? stress management training available from Integration Training”

– Best/worst ever movie leaders

– businessmen being trained like dogs, then “for effective, dignified and non canine business training visit

Criteria for judging

Judging will take place on 15th Dec and the prize given immediately. We will largely be judging on how many hits and comments a video has received, though we will also be looking out for foul play in this regard and considering how many of the hits are likely from our target market. Our style is pretty human, edgy and creative so videos don’t have to be safe/corporate as long as they are legal and paint the company in a generally positive light.

If no entrant gets more than 2000 hits or is not deemed to be of sufficient quality no prize will be given. If entrants are of good quality (and we fully expect this) one overall I-Pad winner will be chosen  and any runners up that we use on the Integration Training website will also get £50.

Further Information

We are happy to hear from entrants who want more information – 07762 541 855

Good luck and have fun, the sooner you make a video the more hits it can get before the judging date.


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  2. Mark Walsh
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