The Best Free Christmas Gifts – Top 12

Free Christmas Present

I love the spirit of generosity and giving of Christmas and hate the consumerist nightmare it’s turned into. Rather than complain about the latter however I thought I’d share my ideas on top free gifts for Christmas that meet real human needs. If you want to give but are broke, don’t want to fuel environmental destruction by buying more crap or have just left the shopping a bit late, these may help. Suitable for people of any or no faith:

Touch is a basic human need. Give someone a hug, massage or oral sex as appropriate. Joking aside, non-sexual touch is underrated and a real gift.

Give someone a good listening to. Most people don’t get heard enough and will love the shit out of you for some empathy.

Creative Stuff
Make a card, write a song, bake a cake, whatever the kids do on the interweb these days… be creative. Use their stuff if you’re totally broke, they won’t mind.

Imagination and Hope
What can you see is possible for this person that they haven’t dare dream yet?

Call someone on their shit! Not all gifts are “nice”. Do it with love and it’s still a valuable present even if they shout and cry and hit you at the time, they’ll thank you later.

Your Knowledge
Share what you’ve learnt. We are all good at something most people aren’t and all have a different perspective. Learn em somein

Vulnerability and Authenticity
Be honest and dare to share what you real feel, the things that you find hard and what scares you. It will give them permission to be human too.

Shop-lifted stuff
Only joking. Jesus turned the tables over in the temple not robbed them. #JesuslovesOccupy&SantaisaCokewhore

Christmas as it exists is huge joke after all 🙂 Make someone laugh, we all need that.

Gratitude itself
Say thank you for all the non-material gifts the person has given you this year. Give em a heart-felt personal compliment while you’re at it. Forgive em the rest.

Love of any other kind you can think of. You probably won’t find it on E-bay.

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These are all available as gift vouchers, and if any of them sound really good to you and you don’t think you’ll get them this year, let me know, I’ll see what I can do. Merry anti-capitalist Jewmas, pagan midwinter, Chanukah, day when the shops are closed when Buddhist can meditate on peace, good day for Chinese food/curry, whatever.