London – Embodied Yoga Principles at Stretch with Mark Walsh, January 30th, 2016

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Embodied Yoga is a set of principles that helps with these questions:

– What can yoga teach me about myself and how I live?
– What matters most to me and how can yoga benefit this?
– What personal qualities would I like to develop in my yoga practice?

Embodied yoga emphasises personal insight and transfer of skills to life – rather than athleticism – and incorporates elements of life coaching, body therapy, meditation dance and martial arts. Embodied yoga is politically aware and avoids both new-age superstition and Western body materialism. Embodied yoga can be emotionally intense as it’s a powerful tool for looking at your personal patterns and changing your life for the better, it’s also more social than most yoga and a lot of fun. In some ways it’s a very novel approach to yoga including things you won’t find anywhere else, though it’s also aligned with traditional yoga’s emphasis on developing the practitioner.

Come if:

– you’d like to learn more about yourself and develop as a person
– you think the body has wisdom
– you’re a yogi wishing to practice with a fresh perspective
– you’d like to shift skills from yoga into your life
– you’re a yoga teacher looking to get new techniques for helping clients*

NB – if you have current mental health issues, are suffering intense life stress or in some other emotionally vulnerable position please talk with us before signing up to see if the day is suitable

Date: January 30th, 11am to 4.30pm

Cost: £40

Venue: Stretch, 59 Columbia Road, London, E2 7RG

To book: Click here and then choose the Workshops tab.

Nice things people have said about Embodied Yoga:

“Embodied Yoga offers a much needed fresh authentic perspective on yoga. Its not offering an opportunity to float off into spiritual la-la and distance oneself from life’s suffering, on the contrary it encourages the participant to become fully aware and to take responsibility for what is going on in their body and mind, becoming aware of patterns and shadows in a safe supported environment.” – Jane D, Sussex UK

“Embodied Yoga is a refreshing take on yoga as a method of self-enquiry and transformation. Highly effective for transforming your patterns of behaviour.” – Sindre, Oslo, Norway

“Being encouraged to notice how I approached practice, and how I related to others during the class reflected unhelpful patterns and stories that I recognised play out in my in my life outside the studio, and are limiting me. Powerfully insightful.” – Holly, hot yoga practitioner, Brighton, UK

“I was impressed and inspired by the way which Mark conducted the day, he was like an orchestra conductor, leading people through the structure of the day with enough freedom in the form for people to explore and express themselves in meaningful ways. It was a wonderful workshop with a great mixture of learning,laughter and play, but related to the context in a serious way. He successfully steered us through experiences which gave people insights and understanding into embodiment and integrative methods of personal and collective practices, sharing how helpful it is to be aware and present, responsive to internal and external stimuli in creative ways…Mark is an exceptional trainer and I would thoroughly recommend him for his perceptive skill and responsiveness to the issues arising in the moment,he has a tool-bag of techniques and methods which are accessible and useable in a variety of contexts, work,relationships and day to day living (LIFE!)…: – Vidyassa, Buddhist yoga teacher, Brighton, UK

“Mark is a jerk and can’t even get his foot behind his head and he barely has any Instagram followers” – Mr Bicram, LA, USA (…OK, we made this one up, but the rest are real)


About Mark Walsh (Founder Embodied Yoga)

Mark has been a practitioner of movements arts for twenty years, including several years as a full-time aikido student. His main yoga influences are Scaravelli, Yin and Buddhist inspired teachers. He founded and runs several organisations which bring embodiment into business, to aid workers in war zones, and trains yoga instructors and facilitators in twenty countries annually. His YouTube channel has 8 Million hits and he’s now getting self conscious about boasting and talking about himself in the third person so will leave it there.


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