Life and Business Coaching - Brighton, Sussex and London

Executive and business coaching in Brighton, Sussex, London and Birmingham is available from Integration Training - a group of coaches and trainers, led by Brighton based life coach Mark Walsh (pictured) - as well as life coaching


What is life and business coaching?

Business coaching is a partnership where one person helps the other to achieve their aims. The person being coached sets the agenda, and the coach helps them find the best way to reach their goals. Coaching is not therapy, advice giving, counselling or telling someone what to do. The main method of coaching is listening, questioning, helping the person being coached plan practices and action to change their life and at times challenging them. Coaching can be over the phone or in person in Brighton, Sussex, Birmingham or London.


Who can benefit from coaching?


We provide both executive coaching and life coaching. Business Coaching is employed by many employers to help their staff get the best results possible. Life coaching is something many people choose to help with challenges and achieve their goals and help with issues such as confidence building, public speaking, relationships, career development and family life. People of all backgrounds find that coaching helps them stay focused on what they really want from life and how to move towards it.

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What makes you better than other coaches?

Different business and life coaches work for different people. What makes us special is that we employ a well rounded integral approach. We work with language, emotions and body practices (e.g. breathing techniques and posture).

How much does business/ life coaching cost and how many sessions do you have?

Cost depends on what you or your employer can pay so we'd rather discuss this one to one. Eight coaching sessions are normally booked, though four is also possible. Coaching sessions are either 30min phone appointments or one hour face to face.

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Quotes from happy coaching clients

"The opportunity to reflect and focus on leadership and management styles before starting coaching was certainly a help. Most useful were the small coaching 'practices' that act as reminders and create moments for reflection and consideration in life."
- Sarah Cook - Director, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, Geneva, Switzerland

"Coaching was crucial in helping me get my new job"
- Barnaby - coaching client, Brighton, Sussex - now working for RSPB

- BC, Coaching client, Birmingham

"Mark's coaching has been instrumental in helping me get back on my feet from what was an awful, messy time. His guidance and techniques were paramount in achieving my goals at work and in life."
- Steve, Bupa - coaching client, Brighton, Sussex

""With no previous experience of coaching, I was uncertain if or how I may benefit - but a short series with Mark proved transformative, perhaps invaluable. I recommend him highly."
- SW - coaching client, Brighton (employed in a new media company)

A mini-demonstration of what the "embodied" part of coaching might look like.

How do I find out more?

E-mail us or call us on +44 (0)1273 906828