About Our Leadership & Management Training

We are UK training providers based in Brighton, Sussex, and London, who help people improve what they do through our training courses in:

We help people become more efficient, happier and healthier. Our interactive management training courses improve bottom-line results, productivity and performance. We call our approach "human business" as we are a training provider that not only helps people improve results (business) but also looks after the people and relationships (human). We are the European leaders in Embodied Management Training an interatcive form of training involving posture and movement. More about our training approach and training trainers.

FAQ about the training

What benefits will a management training programme bring my team?

We will increase your productivity, help you make more money or meet more targets. All our work is bespoke so we listen to you and design training courses according to your needs. Benefits depend on the course - stress management training for example will increase efficiency and reduce sickness and churn-rate, communication training, time management training and leadership training and development courses will have other benefits. If desired we will work with you to obtain a measurable ROI, though normally this is self-evident. Contact us to find out how our training can benefit your organisation specifically.

Who can participate in the training courses and how much do the training courses cost?

Anyone who wishes to can participate (and it is crucial that delegates are there willingly). Please find details of training course practicalities training programmes here.


How are your workshops different from other training and development courses?

Integration Training's approach to learning and development is unique in a number of ways. We deal with the whole person at work, especially how people embody who they are and what their values are. Cognitive knowledge alone is not sufficient to bring change - we've all read the books but people stay the same unless they become the change. We are the European leaders in Embodied Management Training, sometimes called somatics, body intelligence or embodied learning. This approach goes deep quickly and impacts areas like authentic leadership and charisma that are largely untouched by standard classroom approaches. We are experts in behavioural change and making training "stick" - clients give us money to see lasting change after all. Our training is experiential with practice and real-world application at its heart. We never talk for more than 10 minutes in a training for example without an interactive exercise. contact our training providers to find out more.


Where does your management training come from?

Our business training courses combine practices from various disciplines, especially psychology and elements of physical training arts such as aikido and tai chi. Aspects are also drawn from traditional business training and development, sports science, emotional intelligence research, co-operative games, mindfulness, somatics (the study of the conscious body), linguistics, executive coaching and meditation. Training participants learn through active participation using a body, mind and emotion approach which is more effective, engaging and long lasting than conventional training.

Who are some of your training clients?

Organisations of all kinds in from our base in London, Brighton, Sussex and Birmingham to the rest of the UK and beyond (we work regularly in Amsterdam, Africa and The Middle East for example). We have worked extensively with business, government and non profit organisations. The latter may be particularly interested this page on NGO training. See the Testimonials and Photos page for more from our training clients such as the Liberty Global (London and Amsterdam), The House of Lords (London), NHS Harrow, Family Investments (Sussex), UNICEF (London), Vangent (London), The Institute of Development Studies (University of Sussex), Unilver (Switzerland) and Newfield Europe Coaching (The Netherlands).

Is there any research relevant to your management training courses?

A summary of relevant stress management research, team building research and management training research is here.

Do you provide open public courses?

Generally all our work is bespoke group work for organisations or 1-1 business coaching, though we occasionally offer open taster session in Brighton or London UK. Sign up to our newsletter (below) to find out about these or contact us.

How do I find out more?

E-mail us or call us on +44 (0)1273 906828