Business Meditation Training

Mindfulness - non-judgemental present moment attention training - has been shown by a growing number of studies to have beneficial effects on health, productivity and team dynamics. Corporate mindfulness and meditation training is now used by many large companies such as Google, Apple, Virgin Atlantic and Unilever (the last two have been clients). Mindfulness at work helps people be healthier, happier, smarter and more efficient; and it can be trained in relatively short periods of time in standard corporate environments.

Meditation for Business / Mindfulness At Work - Course Content

We train people in their day-to-day setting and help them practice what we teach afterwards with follow-up support. Our courses are all bespoke (we don-t offer open public courses) however a mindfulness at work training may include:

  • An overview of theory and relevant mindfulness research
  • Basic mindfulness of breathing (in chairs)
  • Mindful eating and walking
  • Meditation in daily work-life
  • Mindful communication skills
  • Mindful time management skills
  • Associated well-being and productivity factors
  • Mindfulness e-mail and smart-phone use (we have pioneered this)
  • Mindfulness and creativity / innovation
  • Mindful leadership
  • Practice plans to embed new behaviours and establish new habits

Corporate Mindfulness Training Research

The evidence-base supporting corporate/ business mindfulness and meditation in the workplace is now huge. For example:

  • Meditation has been shown to increase performance under time-pressure and ability to pay attention after brief training - University of Carolina
  • Mindfulness shown to increase grey matter concentration in areas associated with learning and memory processes, emotion regulation, self-referential processing, and perspective taking. - e.g. Massachusetts Medical School
  • Ashridge Business College, Fast Company and Harvard Business Review find mindfulness useful for leadership, job satisfaction, resilience and stress management
  • Shown to raise emotional intelligence - Stress and Health Journal
  • Meditators shown to make more rational economic decisions - Virginia Tech
  • Shown to reduce stress and increase performance in US military, Olympic athletes and other stressful occupations - University of Pennsylvania
  • UK National Institute for Clinical Excellence approves mindfulness for use with anxiety, depression and stress on the National Health Service after empirical overviews
  • Mindfulness develops greater corporate social responsibility - INSEAD Business School
  • Mindfulness makes knowledge workers more productive and improves self-management - Drucker School of Management
meditation_by_sea_w350.jpg You can find more mindfulness and meditation research and resources here

Mindfulness has applications inĀ 

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