Management Training Courses

Integration Training provides bespoke management training courses and executive business coaching.

We help organisations:

Coordinate action: (corporate team building and communication training courses)
Get more done while keeping sane: (stress management, resilience training and time management training)
Build vision, impact and influence: (leadership training courses). Optimized-natasha-bidgood-3616.JPG

Contact us to find out how our management training programs can benefit your organisation.

Many training providers say their work is bespoke, we mean it and have no off-the-shelf training programs or open public courses. We will talk with you and work out exactly what training program would best meet your needs. We offer group training courses, from three hours to twelve days spread over a year, one-to-one leadership coaching, talks to large groups and regular meeting facilitations. Examples of training courses that we frequently provide are given below:

Stress Management Training, Wellbeing, Resilience Training and Conflict Resolution Training

Find out how Integration Training's stress management courses combat the leading cause of absenteeism and staff turnover at work and help you met HSE requirements if you are in the UK. Our stress management courses, wellbeing training and resilience training courses and conflict resolution training help reduce costly staff turnover, support employees to be more productive and to take less sick days.

Time Management Training Courses

Get more done with our innovative time management training courses and ongoing programmes.

Management Training Courses and Coaching

We teach people how to lead authentically with presence, gravitas and charisma as part of our unique leadership training programmes and our management training teaches the fundamental management skills. Information on management skills such as appraisals training and how to run meetings can be found here. As well as team management training we offer one-to-one business coaching.

Corporate and Office Team Building

The quality of the work a team does is determined by how well they coordinate as a group and effective office-based team building is a wise investment. Team building is not just fun but helps groups coordinative work more effectively. management training programs

Communication Training Courses

management training programsMost people are paid to communicate but receive little training in this. Our communication training courses include:
anger management training
assertiveness training
managing difficult behaviour training
confidence training courses
body language training
intuition training
emotional intelligence training
appraisals and fundamental management skills training
customer service
change management training.

Integration Training teaches verbal and non-verbal skills to improve employee's communication, promote harmony and manage change. Our training will benefit your organisation whether your aim is to increase sales, prevent workplace bullying, manage a transition or help reduce wasteful conflict. Our expertise in communication training means that we also facilitate meetings. More about our communication training.

Change Management Training

Change is perhaps the only constant at work today. Our change management training courses are tailored to your needs and often involve a unique embodied component. Our change management workshops can be shaped to suit either front-line staff or senior managers. The courses are highly interactive, enjoyable and will develop your organisational resilience and understanding to manage change effectively.

Creativity Training

In rapidly changing times creativity and innovation are essential. Our creativity training courses are 1/2 - 2 days in length, highly interactive, enjoyable and practical - we will relate everything we do to your workplace performance and results. We will not only help you come up with many useful ideas on the day but also support you to embed the learning in the real-world.

In short - we can help with any aspect of work that involves people.

How do I find out more?

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