Assertiveness and Confidence Training Courses

Confidence training courses can benefit people in many organisations as confidence is a key part of leadership, sales, building relationships with suppliers, customer care, etc. Investing in confidence and assertiveness training has a positive impact on an organisation's bottom-line results.

Optimized-natasha-bidgood-3638.JPGOur confidence training and assertiveness training courses use an interactive leading-edge approach employing verbal and non-verbal aspects of confidence and assertiveness. We stress practical transferable skills that make a real difference in the workplace. We are an experienced supplier with clients from public, private and non-profit sectors. Assertiveness and confidence courses are from half a day to three days (which may be back-to-back or spread over time) in length, depending upon a clients aims.

We work primarily in Brighton and Sussex, Birmingham and The Midlands, London and the South East.

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All our work is bespoke so training matches the reality of organisations and can really benefit employees. After consultation learning outcomes from a confidence or assertiveness workshop might include:

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