Intuition Training

Does your organisation need to make decisions quickly even when all the facts aren't at hand? Could your leaders benefit from "going with their gut" more often? Do you make intuitive decisions and want to fine-tune the process?

Optimized-natasha-bidgood-3232-2.JPG We all use intuition to make important decisions yet this important skill is rarely developed and intuition training courses are leading-edge. Intuition is now becoming understood as not magic but "thin-slicing" - our unconscious' way of processing large amounts of data and giving us the result via a bodily sensation, image or feeling. Our intuition training courses help people make better intuitive decisions - for example about who to hire, when to stop a project that is going awry or how to best serve customers. We also teach participants when NOT to use intuition and how it can be combined with rational and evidence based decision making.

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Benefits of Intuitive Training

Learning to improve ones intuition has a number of benefits including:

  • Quicker more agile decision making
  • More accurate decisions
  • Greater ability to build trust and spot liars
  • Improved physical safety (applies to some professions only)
  • Greater cross-cultural understanding
  • Increased empathy and emotional intelligence

What Our Intuition Training Involves

The process we use is very grounded and also highly experiential so participants get the most from the training. We will practice exercises involving paying attention to he body, mindfulness and social interaction. Practical real-world applications will be emphasised. Intuition courses range from 1/2 day to two days in length and are normally conducted on your premisses. We are based in Brighton (Sussex), London and Birmingham UK and conduct training all over the UK and Europe.

Intuition is also a part of embodied management training and the emotional intelligence courses we run. This blog post goes a little deeper into what is intuition.

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