Management Skills Training

What is People Management Skills?

Managers need certain fundamental management skills to do their jobs. Management skills are however often not taught to people who may be promoted because of technical abilities and then just get-by the best they can. We help managers develop the necessary people skills to lead effectively and thrive whatever the pressure:

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As well as these foundation management skills, personal leadership is also crucial for managers at all levels so we also offer deep-level leadership training and development:

Leadership Development Training

Management Training Principles

Our management skills training incorporates the following principles

  • Results driven and "human" - Relationships, personal values and measured results are ALL critical
  • Involvement / co-creative - we find groups and HR teams involved in the training design get the most form the training. The training itself is also very interactive
  • Kaizen/ responsiveness - improvement through continuous feedback for both the training design and of delegates skills
  • Diversity - our management training is culturally appropriate and incorporates cross-cultural understanding as well as using techniques suited to different personalities and learning styles
  • Theory AND practice - delegates on our leadership development courses will learn to apply theory in practical ways

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