The Samurai Game

Integration Training associate Francis Briers in the only person in the UK certified to lead The Samurai Game® - a unique leadership training and team building simulation.samurai_game_w280.gif

What is The Samurai Game®?

The Samurai Game® is arguably the most unique, intense and challenging leadership and team building simulation available. Used for organizational and corporate trainings and retreats, university and school leadership courses and programs, and seminar and training companies serving the general public.

The game involves various preliminary experiential exercises to heighten awareness and entering into the mindset of 15th century samurai Japan. This shift provides an opportunity to become hyper-aware of behaviour and choices moment-to-moment. The game involves minimal physical contact but a maximum of personal commitment. Two "clans" do battle in individual duels involving strength, balance, awareness, willpower, commitment, and aesthetics. Teams have to learn each other's strengths and weaknesses to be as effective as possible. This is a game, and it is deadly serious- you can "die" in the game. You may be honoured by your clan and feel respected and appreciated regardless of whether you won or lost. Afterwards participants reflect on the experience to give them as full a picture as possible of what can be learnt from the game and transfer learning back to everyday environments.

What are some of the core lessons of The Samurai Game®?

The Samurai Game® reveals deep aspects of individual and team behaviour and asks a number of questions critical for leadership, business and organisational life:

  • Are you aware of your habitual patterns of behaviour?
  • What do service, integrity and respect mean to you?
  • What are your team's core values and how can you thrive under pressure?
  • What is your relationship with competition, cooperation, gain and loss?
  • To what degree are you willing act decisively to get the results you need?
  • How do you view accountability?
  • How well do you function in the face of uncertainty, loss and unfairness?

Where does The Samurai Game® come from?

The Game was invented in 1977 by George Leonard author of numerous books including: Mastery, The Silent Pulse and The Ultimate Athlete The Game was copyrighted by George Leonard and is owned by The Leonard Trust. Lance Giroux of Allied Ronin Consulting bought The Samurai Game® to the UK, training Brighton based Francis Briers.

Samurai Game® in the UK and Worldwide

Integration Training provides the Samurai Game® to UK businesses, charities and government organisations. It has already been experienced by a wide variety of organisations internationally (e.g. The UN, ATT - USA, Vantaga LTD - China) and in England.

What is the typical time and financial investment for The Samurai Game®?

Typical Timings: Day 1 - 10am until 8.30pm; Day 2 - 10am until 4pm

The Samurai Game® can also be run in a single day. This would usually run as a long day with several breaks like the -Day 1- timings above. If it is an established group then it is possible to run a shorter day. The Game requires a profound shift in mindset and for it to be both safe and effective it needs a good amount of time to transition into and out of.

The cost depends upon timing and a number of other factors so we would prefer to discuss this on an individual basis. Please contact us for more information - 07762 541 855

How do I find out more?

E-mail us or call us on +44 (0)1273 906828