Embodiment Conference 2020

This years Embodiment Conference (TEC) will be start on 14th October and finish 10 days later on the 25th October.

Billed as ‘The World’s Largest Online Educational Event of 2020’, the conference has over 200,000 registered participants and over 1000 presenters spread over 10 days.

This time round The Embodiment Conference incorporates BlueJeans video conferencing which will give us a wider scope of interaction.

The online conference provides free access to registered participants, students and teachers from all over the world. The Conference is set to break many online conferencing records* and ALL for FREE.

The Embodiment Conference’s goal is to make embodied wisdom accessible to the world. Their vision is to reach the broadest of audiences with no limitations on wealth, location, language or
practice backgrounds. The conference will make it possible for participants to connect and communicate with a huge community of people, all interested and working in the field of body/ mind awareness and creativity.
The production team is developing a method of delivering the conference in several language options obviously with English as the principle language but also providing access in French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Mandarin, Hindi and Arabic.

Most of our readers will be aware of our first Embodiment Conference in 2018 which had a modest budget and small production team, this year’s Embodiment event is set to be 3 to 4 times larger with a diverse production and management team, headed by creator Mark Walsh, and a budget in excess of £600,000.

Spread far and wide across the globe, organisers are working remotely in locations such as UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Serbia, Russia and Canada.

During an interview about the event, the founder Mark Walsh said:

“​Someone was asking me about our business model because TEC is free….
I explained that while we’re not stupid and are obviously experienced enough to predict, its LIKELY a financial win for us too when people buy recordings, it’s also kind of an act of FAITH where we first give away the ultimate thing we possibly can, and then TRUST some can give back (by purchasing the recordings). Which means we can give ACCESS to everyone by taking the risk off the participants.
They looked at me funny.
…this ain’t normal business for sure “

Since the beginning of the pandemic and during the build-up to the conference, the conference itself has sponsored many events and supported thousands of people during lockdown. Ensuring that this year’s TEC will be even better than 2018, with more epic presenters, an ever-growing conference community, and a new portal, which will make finding the sessions easier and faster than many on-line conferences. Possibly introducing the most efficient personal conference portal to date.

The Embodiment portal utilises 10 topic centred channels all related to embodied practices which

Coaching & Therapy, Dance & Creativity, Ecology & Research, Intimacy & Relationships, Leadership & Business, Martial & Healing Arts, Meditation & Breathwork, Movement & Anatomy, Trauma & Social Change and Yoga.
Accessing the conference portal enables the participant to tailor their experience by finding and saving sessions. It can even suggest sessions you may like in case you miss any. The conference website suggests that You can search by:
“Entering the name of a presenter or a keyword into the search field. Pick your level of experience and select how much physical activity and emotional intensity you’re looking for”
and the portal will supply a list of sessions that match your criteria.

  • Coaching & Therapy
  • Dance & Creativity
  • Ecology & Research
  • Intimacy & Relationships
  • Leadership & Business
  • Martial & Healing Arts
  • Meditation & Breathwork
  • Movement & Anatomy
  • Trauma & Social Change
  • Yoga.

More information about the conference can be found on their website at

*Record attempts are yet to be confirmed