Babies are Weird

A few weeks ago I had the chance to hold a couple of babies – something I hadn’t done in some years, not since I started to get some grounding in this bodymind lark at least…. It was weird, here’s how:

– The weight was heaver than they weight – I know that makes no sense, it’s something to do with being relaxed I think. Like the aikido – “can’t lift me!” trick
– Babies seemed to be a concentrated energy, life crammed into a small space – again this could sound like some hippy crap but that’s how it felt and perceived it
– Babies like it if you relax and can tell straight away.
– Babies have a way of demanding attention that is hard to resist, it was hard for me to hear other people in the room when baby wanted me to pay attention to him.
– Babies attend to stuff I can’t see as well as the things you’d expect. I’d love to know what was going on inside that big little head.
– Here’s the really odd one – babies can reach into you and do things to your body. I’ve felt it from very advanced bodymind practitioners before so I recognise it.

Someone please tell me I’m not loosing the plot here…