London – The psychology of partner yoga, Embodied Yoga Principles workshop with Mark and Mayan – 10th September 2017

What does partner/ Acro Yoga show us about how we build relationships of all kinds?
How can we support our connection and communication with others through the practice of yoga? 

This original gem of a workshop will explore what’s going on psychologically and emotionally when we do partner/ Acro Yoga. It will help yoga practitioners build better relationships through yoga, and support yoga teachers to aid others in this regard. Basically we’re gonna have a lot of fun and go deep exploring who we are around other humans. The afternoon will help you improve this important aspect of your life because…well, we’re not hermits in the Himalayas!

This workshop is for you if:
– you’re a yogi who wants to improve your relationships (all kinds)
– you’re interested in learning about your deep patterns with other people
– you’re interested in connection, boundaries, communication, trust and belonging
– you’re a yoga teacher who wants to take a deeper look at what happens in partner practice
– you want to get your yoga more “off the mat” and int life
– you want a fresh new approach to any yoga practice (we’ll also be doing some solo postural work)
– you’re exploring EYP ahead of the upcoming teacher training
– you want to have fun and have a sense of humour

No partner or Acro Yoga experience required. It won’t be particular athletic, but may be emotionally challenging in places so please come well resourced (e.g. not with a hangover or very tired. If suffering current mental health issues or you currently have very challenging life circumstances please contact us). There will be no bloody acro-selfies, ok ok maybe a couple 🙂

A little about EYP:
This workshop uses Embodied Yoga Principles. EYP emphasises psychological self-awareness and transfer of skills to daily-life.

EYP is mindfulness-based and incorporates elements of life coaching, body therapy, dance, bodywork, improv and martial arts. EYP includes postures (traditional and new), group exercises and mindfulness communication (there’s chatty bits). EYP is about improving self-awareness, personal freedom, the relationships that matter most in our lives, and effectiveness in making the world a better place.


Date: Sunday, 10th September

Venue: London TBD

Time: 2:15pm – 5:15pm
Please arrive at 2:00pm for a sharp 2:15pm start, no late admission (yeah, we’re fascists but the start really matters with EYP)

£40 early-bird (until 10th Aug) / Concessions/bring a friend (you both pay £40)
£55 regular rate (from 11th Aug onwards)
All payments up front on booking

To Register: Click here

Contact for more info: markatintegrationtrainingdotcodotuk

Embodied Yoga Principles Website:



About EYP:

No posture (example of a posture that relates to other people):


“It brings rigorous self enquiry into my physical practice.  It’s a way of bringing self study to life in practical and playful ways. EYP is adaptable, you can use it in simple ways to enhance a general yoga class and in a life changing way in longer workshops.” Amanda Brown, experienced Yoga Teacher Cornwall, UK”

‘I’d been questioning a lot about the yoga scene in general, as well as what I’m teaching. The EYP weekend has left me inspired and thoughtful. I suspect it could lead to a whole new direction!’ – Catherine O’Mahony, Vinyassa yoga teacher, London

“Embodied Yoga offers a much needed fresh authentic perspective on yoga. Its not offering an opportunity to float off into spiritual la-la and distance oneself from life’s suffering, on the contrary it encourages the participant to become fully aware and to take responsibility for what is going on in their body and mind, becoming aware of patterns and shadows in a safe supported environment.” – Jane D, Sussex UK

“Mark has pressed the refresh button on the yoga world to see the practice of yoga through the eyes of embodiment brings a welcome new view .The methods of embodiment link the practice on the yoga mat and brings it firmly out into the world of our relationships,work and all aspects of life…and extends our range of practices as yoga teachers …” – hatha yoga teacher, Brighton, UK

“Being encouraged to notice how I approached practice, and how I related to others during the class reflected unhelpful patterns and stories that I recognised play out in my in my life outside the studio, and are limiting me. Powerfully insightful.” – Holly, hot yoga practitioner, Brighton, UK

About the teachers

Mayan Patel is a London based Yoga teacher and qualified EYP teacher. He’s taught well over a thousand classes, numerous events and international festivals. He’s passionate about community building and authentic communication through the practice of Partner Yoga, Acro Yoga and Contact Improvisation.

Mark Walsh founded EYP, brings a wealth of psychology, coaching and martial arts experience to yoga, has a Youtube channel with ten million hits, has taught in 30 countries and is basically a cheeky bugger…but is nice deep down.