Brighton – Purpose Blackbelt Bootcamp, 29th August to 1st September, 2017

29th August to 1st September, Brighton, UK

– With Mark Walsh, Erica Sosna, Jamie Catto and friends

“How do I make a good living doing what I love?”

This course is for you if you wish to support yourself and your loved ones by making a difference. Being either a nice but broke hippie, or a wealthy but soulless drone, isn’t a great choice. People want a third way – purpose that pays. Purpose Black Belt Bootcamp is an intensive face-to-face workshop that helps people make a good living, feeling good and doing good. Sounds good?

Life is short and work is a big chunk of it right?

This course if for people who have rejected meaningless toil and want to make a good living as facilitators, alternative health or movement professionals. I’ve ran a successful online course for two years for them, and done loads of Skype coaching, but some people wanted a face-to-face experience so we’re offering this intensive.

Purpose Black Belt Bootcamp is for you if you want:

– to better tune in to your calling
– to remove blocks to following it fully (confidence, money baggage, perfectionism, etc)
– to learn practical ethical business skills for getting your life’s work out there

Success is not a dirty word.

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