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Embodied Life Coaching – video

Stress and thinking with Mark Walsh. How does bodily stress and tension effect thinking? Embodied coaching demonstration with Chris from Grassroots – a local charity.

Contact Improv – Beautiful Dancing video

A class warm-up led by Charlie Morrisey, everyone looking gorgeous dancing. Contact improv is a free-form postmodern dance where two people make contact and “follow” that seeing what wants to …

Guessing personality – video

What is your body saying? Guessing personality types from posture and movement with Mark Walsh. Based on Embodied Management Training and the work of Rudolf Laban, Dr Richard Strozzi-Heckler and …

Technology and Spirituality

Technology and Spirituality. Ancient wisdom and modern technology – how to integrate the wisdom traditions, embodiment, emotions and meditation with I-phones, e-mail and modern life with Mark Walsh

Body, mind and spirit – video

Body, mind and spirit. Paul Linden showing how the body, mind and spirit are linked. With help from Rocio Fatas in Brighton, UK after a training hosted by Integration Training.

How to Love Your Body – video

How to Love Your Body- a video on Consumerism & The Body. Befriending Your Body – 5 practical techniques to help make friends with your body again.

I Sing The Body Electric

I Sing The Body Electric – 21st Century version from Mark Walsh of Integration Training with visuals and editing from Tessa Howell and Echo Media. A Poem about the body …