Month: December 2013

Leadership styles

Mood – Our Hidden leadership styles, disposition & embodied empathy video – A presentation from Nowhere’s evocative leadership event on how as leaders we are predisposed to certain possibilities because …

Listening skills exercise

Check out this video for listening skills – a practical exercise using embodied empathy – good / effective / English listening skills exercises – a form of active listening using …

Psychological Trauma / PTSD Resilience

Video on Psychological Trauma / PTSD Resilience from Mark Walsh, founder of Achilles initiative. Practical techniques for preventing and treating psychological trauma are given.

Management skills for new managers

In this video Integration Training associate and management trainer, Harry, Puckering, talks about what are the most important fundamental management skills for new managers and gives some practical advice

Simple Stress Relief Questions

In this video, Mark Walsh covers 2 stress relief questions and talks about what we can change and what we can’t similar to the serenity prayer used by 12-step groups

Comedy Improvisation tips

Check this video out on Comedy Improvisation tips – don’t try and be funny, commit, allow, listen, agree, etc With Heather and Jason from The Maydays a Brighton/London based improv …

The Successful Styles of a Leader

There are many different methods of leading a group of people, a natural leader will often employ a number of these methods and adjust them in order to lead a …