Category: stress

How to relax

Mark Walsh shares some stress management tips on how to relax in a lunch break at work to avoid burnout from stress.

Simple Stress Relief Questions

In this video, Mark Walsh covers 2 stress relief questions and talks about what we can change and what we can’t similar to the serenity prayer used by 12-step groups

Stress at work

Stress at work? Office work stress funny – “Do you have exploding head syndrome?”. Stress management, time management funny, resilience and wellbeing training….. to stop it before it goes this …

Stress Management Techniques

Mark Walsh shares some stress management techniques in this video – help with stress and for stressed people, work stress management, life stress and general help managing and coping with …

Aikido in Corporate Culture

We have another guest blog from Jamie Leno Zimron, Director – Mideast Aikido Peace Project.  The underlying principles of Jamie’s work are the same as those within the embodied training …