Month: November 2015

Bullshit Free Business?

So a lot of my energy at the moment is going into marketing the Embodied Facilitator Course 2016 and trying to do so in a way that’s authentic and doesn’t …

10 Ways to Reconnect to the Body

10 ways to reconnect to the body – and therefore to full intelligence, to emotions, to intuition, to ethics and to other people: – Choose to move. Stretch, fight, dance or …

Mark’s Embodied Lover Advice

Mark’s embodied lover advice: get in your own body before getting in anyone else’s, or letting someone in. Image -Bodyart Gallery Krakow

Why Self-help Books Don’t Work

The body is why self-help books don’t work, why Wikipedia has not solved the world’s problems and most business training and new-age “spiritual” work is at best entertainment.

The Side Effects of Embodied Training

There’s an unwanted side effect to embodied training – you get more attractive, not just as a leader but also sexually. So I’m warning future students about the ways embodiment …