Best Training Videos – Leadership, stress, etc

Best of Integration Training Videos

The Integration Training Youtube channel has been doing very well the last year or so and now has 4.5 million hits. As well as business training related videos it hosts The Insight Project – making the wisdom of the world visible to anyone how wants it free of charge – so of you know of someone who would be good to film let us know.

Here are some of our more popular videos on various business and more alternative subjects:

Business Training

Leadership training and body language (embodiment) video-  perhaps our most popular

Funny business one

On international business and cross cultural communication


Team building


Culture and the body

Stress management tips and techniques

How to be happy – more stress stuff

Funny leadership animation

Funny stress animation

Listening skills


More “Alternative”

PTSD and trauma

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Massage techniques

NLP techniques

Five Rhythms

How to meditate

Anger management