Stress and Homeopathy

This is a press release from The Society of Homeopaths. Not sure if I believe in Homeopathy myself but it’s an interesting article.


Don’t let the credit crunch affect your health

The current economic climate could have health repercussions – stress can severely affect health and well-being, making us more prone to illness, warns Hove homeopath Carmel O’Dell

Stress prompts the body to increase production of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol, causing changes in blood pressure heart rate and metabolism – necessary in the short term, but over long periods this can lead to headaches,  indigestion, diarrhoea, insomnia, general tiredness and even palpitations, anxiety and depression.

Homeopathic treatment with a fully qualified and registered RSHom practitioner can help individuals cope better with the effects of stress – a carefully chosen homeopathic medicine matched to the individual patient can help with the mental, emotional and physical symptoms of stress, by triggering the body’s natural system of healing.

Carmel, who runs a clinics in Hove and Hurstpierpoint explained: “In homeopathic medicine the approach is holistic, recognising that there is a connection between mind and body, with each prescription based on the individual patient’s experience of their symptoms.”

In 2005 a service evaluation of homeopathic treatment at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital reported that 70.7 per cent of 6,544 follow-up patients experienced improvement in their health, in a variety of conditions including migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.1

Carmel added: “It is obviously better to seek treatment before symptoms become serious, recognising the early warning signs such as increased irritability, sleeplessness, and feelings of dread or guilt.”

Minor, short lived symptoms can be treated at home with homeopathic remedies, although chronic long-term illness and mental health symptoms should be seen by a professional homeopath and your GP.

Here are just a few homeopathic remedies and their situations which might be useful at home:

Nux vomica

Symptoms include: wakes at 3am or 4am, suffers heartburn and indigestion, has colic pains. Suits people who are burning the candle at both ends, overwork themselves, are irritable, keep going with coffee and feel the cold.


Symptoms include: diarrhoea from anxiety, wakes midnight – 1am, suffers burning in the stomach with desire to sip water. Suits restless people who are fearful worriers, need to plan and feel the cold.


Symptoms include: offensive diarrhoea which drives from bed in the morning, excessive sweating, burning feet, waking after three or four hours. Suits stubborn people who need praise, worry about their health and crave sugar.

Argentum  nitricum

Symptoms include: severe wind with loud passing, twitching, palpitations and diarrhoea from anticipation, periodic weakness. Suits impetuous but nervous people, always in a hurry, with lots of fears and anxieties and much heat.


Symptoms include: bloated with wind, huge appetite, wakes as if from a fright, symptoms worse late afternoon/early evening, heartburn with sour burping. Suits fearful people lacking in confidence but can be bragging and assertive at home. Doesn’t like undertaking new things.

Carmel O’Dell

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