Brighton – An Embodied Yoga Principles workshop for men, 15th January 2017


Be twice as handsome in 2017 (authentically, without conforming)

In this workshop we’ll explore what makes men truly attractive. You’ll double your manly gorgeousness, double you dating, and double your mating – without bullshit conformity, lies or nasty tricks. They’ll be respectful dialogue, practical exercises and Embodied Yoga Principles postures to work with. It’ll be fun, pragmatic and not very PC. For all kinds of men.

  • Find a loving partner in 2017
  • Enliven an existing relationship
  • Have more great sex (no shame in wanting that)
  • Understand what makes people truly attractive beyond surface looks- we’ll look at things such as self-acceptance, fierceness and openness, and how these are embodied
  • Become twice as gorgeous (to the right people) by the end of the workshop
  • Learn how to build your attractiveness, your way, without any conformist or manipulative BS
  • Learn how to approach people you fancy confidently

With Mark Walsh, assisted by Vidyadasa and friends (including female staff)

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Date: 15th January 2017
Time: 14:00-18:00
At the gorgeous Angel House
£45 early bird price (book by 6th of January)
£55 onwards
To register: click here
Contact info: If you have any questions, please contact