Aiki Exercises Seminar

Last Sunday was the “Aiki Exercises Seminar” in Surrey with UK Tomiki Team member Adrian Tyndale and senior ki style Sensei and business trainer Piers Cooke. I taught Holistics and the somatics work that is the basis of Integration Training. I’d jokingly called this seminar “aikido for normal people” (i.e. not aikidoka) as it was all about exercises from aikido that could be used to help folks who don’t practice martial arts. There were several students of Adtian’s there who practice “Aiki Robics” which is what it sounds like, and is done to music, “the beat being the opponent”. Piers uses ki aikido principles training people to be safe, communicate and resolve conflict.

Despite a poor turn-out we had a lot of fun, seeing basically the same aikido from three different perspectives.