Intregral Theory

I’ve recently read two books by Ken Wilber: The Integral Vision – an MTVesque, sexy photo laden intro to Intregal theory, and A Theory of Everything – a more scholar, less colourful book on basically the same thing. To quote:

“Suppose we took everything that all the various world cultures have to tell us about human potential–about psychological, spiritual, and social growth–and identified the basic patterns that connect these pieces of knowledge. What if we attempted to create an all-inclusive map that touches the most important factors from all of the world’s great traditions? Ken Wilber’s Integral Vision provides such a map.”

Mark’s review: I liked em.

I am particulary interested in the model of development called Spiral Dynamics that Wilber uses. I also like Wilber’s muti-sided/levelled/faceted way of looking at life…the whole Intregal thing…doh!…which is very much in keeping with – my own work/obsession/life. I also like that Wilber is practical – his work is applied to medicine, business, ecology, etc and rooted in practices…mere theory this is not which puts him ahead of other hippy eggheads out there as far as I’m concerned.