Urban Visions – Peace Through Martial Arts – Bill Leicht

An old Aiki Extensions friend was down last week – Bill Leicht from New York who runs Urban Visions and is developing the concept of “peace dojos” in North and South America. That is, martial art schools which are intersted in non-violent resolution of conflict and personal development.

From Bill Leicht’s definition of a peace dojo:

“The training purpose of the peace dojo is learning how to give love. Its guidelines are affirmation, attention, trust and participation. The last actually is the beginning of the flow of love from the inner pool of being up and out into the world through action and communication. This “love” is the stuff of real power, of transformation, of transforming power through which Being acts in this world. Peace dojo training aims at helping ordinary people to become conduits for transforming power, to become beings through whom Being flows abundantly and in peace.
This project is a dojo, because many of the main learning techniques come from the martial way refined by hundreds of master warriors. It is a peace dojo because the way is that of peace: voice, muscle, emotion, intellect and being. Members learn to use word and movement to discover truth, behold beauty and praise Being.”
Pictures from Brighton (note British post box!) and Columbia (aren’t they cute!).


  1. Cara Vera-Leicht