Embodied NVC

I’m very happy to announce the first Embodied NVC training. I’ll be collaborating with friend and mentor Shantigarbha on this one, binging together physical practices from Holistics with Non Violent Communication.

July 23-27th, Houghton, Cambridgeshire, UK

I’ve gotten a lot from NVC in terms of connections with myself and others and in developing “emotional intelligence” over the last few years. Ive found NVC really useful in getting over loss, in relationships and in conflict. I’m now really excited that I get to share some of my “body stuff” from aikido and somatics and combine this with Shanti’s NVC teaching, which I really enjoy.
The location for this residential is a Chapel Centre in a village near Cambridge, which people often find meets needs for beauty, peace and relaxation. I enjoyed a week long session there last year and made some good friends (pictured, below right).
ContactShantigarbha to book: http://www.seedofpeace.org/ or either of us for further information.

hands photo – Jan Watson