Embodied NVC Photos

I’m just back from the first “Embodied NVC” retreat in Cambridgeshire. Non Violent Communication is a way of connecting that I’ve found particularly useful in conflict and relationships and is now starting to inform all aspects of my life.

I lead an hour of exercises each day to help participants connect to their bodies and each other through touch and movement. The material was largely based on aikido and somatics and was similar to the Holistics classes I teach in Brighton.
I was very happy with the feedback I got from everyone there, and am celebrating the classes meeting needs for connection, movement, growth and play. It was a lot of fun and enlivened a bodily dimension that was valued by all at the week. It was very satisfying for me to see this contribution and thanks go to Shanti and Christa for the invite and organisation. I hope to bring Embodied NVC to future trainings and am looking fo ways to do this.
Photos show the group, “human knot” “sock smelling” and Shantigarbha and Christa with NVC ears and puppet.