United Kingdom Aikikai Summer Camp

Last week I was at the UKA Summer Camp again. And hat wrist grabby, knee sorey, skirt wearing fun it was 🙂

Teaching was lead by Sugawara Shihan from Tokyo Hombu Dojo, Shihan Jones Principal of the UKA and the other UKA Shidoin.

Highlights for me this year included:

Seeing old friends like Polish Pete and making news ones from Serbia, Greece and France

Catching Mr Sugwara doing his bokken practice at 6.30 am on a misty field

Being knocked semi-conscious by Philip Smith and having a minor hernia the day before (ah, I miss my dojo rat days!)

Morning weapons practice with Peter Brady

Sharing my “applied aiki” AE/ Holistics work in the evenings

Being presented my shodan certificate from Hombu along with friend Daniel North (pictured)

I decided to camp this time around which was wet and uncomfortable after 6 hrs of training a day, but also fun – thanks Andy. As normal the social life was good too, with the warm family atmosphere that Shihan William Smith established still going strong.

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