Chithurst Buddhist Monastery and the Best Break-Up Ever

Waking up while it’s dark and cleaning toliets before breakfast may not be most people’s idea of fun, but speding time at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery sans Blackberry and lap-top is now my favourite way to chill.

I’ve been sitting for a little while now and found the Thai Forest Sangha (community) in Brighton last Winter. At the Bodhi Graden (pictured with two visiting Chithurst nuns) I also met my now ex-girlfriend Sasha (pictured smiling with nuns on the right in the woods) whom I recently split up with. I’m mentioning that here (with her blessing) as friends and family read this and it seems one way of letting everyone know, and letting them know we’re OK. Painful but not tragic. I would also recommend Chithurst Buddhist Monastery as a wonderful place to go separate ways mindfully and with care – nothing last forever as them Buddhists say…
May you be healthy, happy and free.


  1. Nisal