Aikido School

Crystal Farm School is a school being set-up based on aikido principles. It was conceived ten years ago but has recently got a grant so it looks like it’s going to happen. Cool.
CRYSTAL FARM SCHOOL is a college preparatory, residential high school based on the belief that teenagers need, and want, to learn intellectually, experientially, and kinesthetically, and that they have an innate drive to assume real responsibility in their community and over their own lives. The School combines a rigorous, intellectually challenging liberal arts program with high tech learning, utilizing computers, distance learning, and individually tailored programmed learning materials, along with structured, supervised independent, small and large group learning situations. With an enrollment of approximately 100 students and a staff of 20, the School will provide an intimate setting, rigorous academics and a high level of individual attention.The unifying theme of Crystal Farm is the study and practice of Aikido. Aikido is a system of study and activities designed to make available to those who practice it a set of positive principles and philosophies. Aikido incorporates both physical and intellectual activities in a kinesthetic process of learning/teaching/experiencing cooperative, non-violent and socially responsive approaches to life and living, centered on a strong moral and ethical grounding and the acceptance of personal responsibility.The organizational structures, decision making processes and support services necessary to provide these components are designed and implemented to ensure that the principles of Aikido permeate and are the governing soul of every facet of the School. By integrating these structures with academic and physical/kinesthetic learning, a strong, multi-talented staff, career/life skills components and a supportive living situation, Crystal Farm School provides an ideal environment for young people to learn, grow, and become productive, responsible, joyful adults.
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