Comedy Improvisation and Business

Comedy Improvisation is my new hobby to lighten the stress of having an exciting growing business when everyone else is moaning about the economy.

I’ve started taking comedy improvisation classes in Brighton with ex Maydays comedy improv star Rachel Blackman (pictured). I expected it to be bags of fun, but what I wasn’t expecting is that it would be directly relevant to my business. The classes are less about cracking funny jokes than embodied coordination, self exploration and creativity. I will be stealing exercises for the team building work I do and at times like these we could all benefit from better creativity. One thing that I’m looking forward to about the recession (with admittedly some sadistic glee) is watching stagnant corporate straight-men who lack agility and creative flair go the way of the dinosaurs. Bye-bye grey businessmen, you are no longer relevant.

So here’s a list of things that Comedy Improvisation could teach business, how to:

– Think on your feet

– Respond to what’s go on spontaneously and appropriately in the moment (without thinking)

– Take what you do seriously, don’t take yourself seriously

– Employ your bodily and emotional intelligence

– Spend time coordinating and then get things done

– Be authentic and know that you’re always playing a character anyway

– Have fun, the rest will follow


Life So What: Life’s a joke, you might as well be funny.

Business So What: Business IS comedy improvisation