Why is Brighton Weird?

I choose to live in the UK’s weird alternative capital – Brighton.
I love it and thought it was time for a little local Brighton blog content. We have everything from aikido to yoga (no zoos). I got thinking the other day, “But what made it a mecca of the weird and wonderful?” A pub argument soon ensued and I decided to hold a online poll to decide once and for all! Of course it could just decide which groups the most popular and has the biggest e-mail distribution list….but just for fun here goes:

Which of the following institutions has had the biggest impact on making Brighton the alternative capital it is today?

American Express
The Brighton Festival
The Brighton Natural Health Centre (Peter Blackaby, Laurie Booth, Charlie Morrisey, etc)
Brighton University
Brighton Buddhist Centre/ Evolution
The Brighton Dole Office
Drug Dealers
Gay Pride
Brighton Judo Club/Kicks/other martial arts clubs
Infinity Foods
The Level and the Levellers
Natural Bodies (Gary Carter and friends), etc
Brighton Peace and Environment Centre
The Brighton Piers
The Prince Reagent (bloke and pub)
Theatre Royal
University of Sussex
The Zap, Concorde II and Honeyclub (Fat Boy Slim and nightclub friends)

Other suggestions welcome.

I’m also aware that socio-economic-political factors have also had a huge influence and not just institutions. Being quite literally “at the end of the (train) line” is a major one statistically apparently!

I’ll write and in depth piece on the winner for some free publicity and buy them a cake 🙂


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