You’re Responsible for the Recession

I’m responsible for the Recession for the recession and so are you. We screwed things up by living in a dumb-ass unsustainable way and tolerating an economic system that had zero transparency or accountability. We consumed, borrowed and bitched our way into this recession – now take it on the chin.

Who’s responsible for the recession – bankers? Government? Mortgage lenders? Osama Bin Laden? Enough blaming and finger pointing – why don’t we all take responsibility? If we didn’t cause it we allowed it – so cut some bankers heads off it it makes you feel better then go back to Ikea. The questions for me now are – what do we do to get out of this mess? What kind of a world would we like to build in the aftermath? How we would like business to operate to prevent this kind of thing again? Would business with heart, soul and spirit have done a better job? Would allowing people to be human at work have made a difference? Do we need a return to old-school values or embody fresh ones? The old business world is doomed and good riddance – now how do we build something better?

PS – Swine flu is your fault too.


Business So What: We screwed up, now let’s get over it.