Stop Moaning

Britain- please shut up. Really, I mean it, stop your bloody moaning! When I worked abroad for an NGO I always knew when I was in the British Airways que because I could hear the moaning. Bitchin, whining, bibbing, whinging, call it what you will I’ve had enough! And no you clever cynical lot, this isn’t a moan – it’s a request…kinda…A moan is not directed at the person who can change the thing that’s complained about. A moan is impotent as it NEVER CHANGES ANYTHING! To turn your moans into positive action make a specific actionable request to someone who can change the thing you don’t like.

In the business training I do I have a “no moaning” rule as I’m paid to change things not wallow in self-pity and ingrain resentments – which is what moaning is. The pay-off for moaning is we get to blame others for our misfortune and don’t need to do anything about it. We give away our responsibility and power to change things. What a way to be miserable and waste your life! If you’re tired of resentment and inaction – STOP MOANING!

What people often need when they moan is empathy. Because most people mistake advice giving, story-telling, sympathy, consoling, etc for empathy, we usually don’t get the empathy we need. If you have a moaner in your life and love them enough to care, give them empathy (just be fully present). Chances are they will increase their moaning for a bit and then happily shut up at peace with their issue, or come up with a solution. Job done. Love works.

If you’re moaning about me generalising that it’s not everyone in the UK who moans, and you can’t generalise, blah, blah blah, please…STOP MOANING. If you don’t like my annoyed tirade or capital letters guess what…STOP BLOODY MOANING…About time I took that advice.

Moaning so what: It does no good, stop it, and make a request.