Free Resources for Training Managers

Free Resources for Training Managers

Perhaps the bigger problem for training managers is not a shortage of free resources but knowing what resources are any good. I’ll start with the obvious – I try and make this blog useful for training managers and often offer free resources. Besides just being what I’m interested in, it’s good marketing for me and free stuff for you. Here are a few of the more useful training manager related articles and resources from this blog and my business training site:

Communication Tips

Confidence Tips

Free Stress Management Resources

General Business Training Tips

Research on Stress Management, Leadership, Communication and Team Building

Time Management Tips

Team Building Tips


Training Manager Resources From This Blog

Training Manager News Sources

Many of these such as Training Zone (particularly good), CIPD (good for jobs) and Training Journal also offer some free training resources.

How to be Charismatic

Managing E-Mail

Office Headaches

Behaviour Change

Meeting Rules

How to Communicate in Meetings

Why Most Training Doesn’t Work

What Makes Effective Team Building

Centring (getting yourself together)

NonViolent Communication


See also the blogs and business sites I link to, many of these regularly offer free resources for training managers.

Some Training Manager Resources From the Web

These are a few sites I have found useful:

How to be happy
Because otherwise what’s the point?

Business Balls
Probably my favourite source of free training resources from the web -ugly interface but very very useful. Covers many aspects of training from health and safety, to team building to stress management.

Mindtools Newsletter
My favourite newsletter with loads of useful training resources.

E-Learning Resources
NOt sure what these guys are like -let me know.

HSE workplace stress site

Traditionally a dry government site but getting better


Hard to separate the wheat from the crap, but still some good stuff on there. For example Randy Pausch on time management

Training Zone

A good online training publication. Their own list of training manager resources is excellent.


It seems pointless at first but when you’re connected to the right people (see my follow-list for a start) it’s a great training resource.

Carl Rogers on Communication

Just a random nugget.

and even a… Dating Site for Training Managers


This list of training resources isn’t exhaustive – please let me know in the comments if you have any additions or recommendations and I will update it.