Ready for Love?

Integration Training associate Clare Myatt has launched Prepare to Partner. I highyl receomend heer work for anyone interestd in long-term relationships.

“Falling in lust is pretty easy. Partnering over the long-term – falling in love and staying in love – is not so easy. Possible, but not easy.

How do people fall and stay in love? Falling in love can happen at first sight, or grow over time. Staying in love takes compromise, maturity and skill, and is just about the best feeling in the world.

Prepare 2 Partner is not a dating agency or matchmaking service. Prepare 2 Partner attracts curious, self-aware singles interested in inspiring educational and other support services to help them get ready for the love of their lives. As Louis Pasteur said “Chance favours the prepared mind.”

Most of us do more research before we buy a new computer or TV (let alone a car or a home) than we do before making a commitment to a partner for the rest of our lives … not exactly the smartest decision.

So why don’t we educate ourselves about relationships? Who don’t we research compatibility and the key qualities of partnership before having one? Our culture and traditions perhaps? Some sense that we learn all we need to know about relationship from those around us, parents in particular?

Clare’s vision is for singles to be conscious and informed when they enter into relationship and for couples to engage not only in pre-marital counselling, but pre-engagement guidance – all with the aim of creating enduring, juicy, loving, satisfying, enriching partnerships. Prepare 2 Partner is founded on these ideals and with these goals.”