Top Blog Posts in 2009

So what were my top blog posts in 2009? Well by hits it was the following eclectic mix:

This article isn’t the kind of thing I generally blog about (no general business

or training connection) but due to local interest and a few controversial

points has proven popular. It is also the number one Google rank for “sexy

Brighton yoga” 🙂

Integration Training hosted maser somatics teacher Paul Linden for the

first time in the UK thisyear which got considerabel interest.

A workshop Integration Training put on.

This article asking should HR be renamed struck a chord in 2009 –

it seems like the idea of amore human or conscious way of doing business

is spreading.

Perhaps my mist useful blog post for training mangers – tons of free

stuff – ever popular. Links to most of my “top tips” articles.

What has martial arts got to do with business? Find out here. Experts

from around the world give opinions.
One of my most personal posts.
A recent post that stirred things up.

Again, controversial opinion on a well known NLP figure.

Stephen Hawking’s Bodymind also deserves a mention as while not a 2009 post it got considerable hits this year – mostly because Google image search was ranking the Simpson’s picture! I love how random the Internet is 🙂