Aiki Effortless Power: 7 Crucial Body-Mind Skills

This guest blog tells us more about the work of Jamie Leno Zimron, Director – Mideast Aikido Peace Project.  The underlying principles of Jamie’s work are the same as those within the embodied training that Integration Training carries out. Check out the website for more details.

Aiki Extensions serves as a vital hub of creative Aikido activity, helping to extend O’Sensei’s transformative teachings and message into all arenas of life. Sensei Jamie Zimron is an AE Board Member, Director of the Middle East Aikido Project, and creator of KiAi Golf and The KiAi Way Inc trainings. Over the past three decades she has been carrying Aikido energy principles and somatic practices into peak performance and leadership training, sports, peacemaking, and fitness and healing work.

Jamie Sensei has recently synthesized this somatic, psychological and spiritual work into a cogent Aikido-based “Body-Mind Technology.” It is designed to give all people immediate physical access to the effortless peaceful power illuminated by O’Sensei. The process is straightforward and streamlined, with surprising power when applied to any issue or task. Benefits are quickly seen and felt in new creativity and solutions, more harmony in relationships, and greater health and well-being.

In April Jamie presented the “Seven Crucial Skills to Stress Less and Prosper More” outlined below to a group of CEOs in Southern California, then on the mat at the Aikido Center of Sacramento. Interest was keen, with many “ahas!” during the seminars.

A week later one of the CEOs emailed: “Everyone in our group is still buzzing! This was one of the best resources ever. And playing golf after was just … amazing!”  The power of this direct Aiki process to shift the modus operandi of a group of middle-aged businessmen was quite stunning.

An Aikido student wrote with enthusiasm: “Within 24 hours of your seminar, I kept pulling from my back pocket the 7 principles you had scribbled out for me, to share with others.  That Irimi Nage we did was like an Alice in Wonderland portal into another awareness. Now if I can maintain that openness and presence to join with the rabbit… Very authentic, whole, inspiring.”

Says Jamie: “In a sense, we are always ‘doing a job’ and trying to get it done as best we can. Everything we are and do in life is Ki / life-energy. This energy is real and palpable, and by becoming ever-greater ‘Energy Masters’ of our own internal energy systems we can optimize both the process and results that we experience. There are Mechanics for the Magic that is inherent and always available when we consciously put ourselves into the Ai-Ki / harmonized mind-body-spirit ‘Energy Zone.’”

Here are the Seven Skills (in order) with key points. Contact Jamie if you are interested to receive more details and exercises for each area.


  • The single most important thing you can do
  • Hara / T’an Tien / ONE POINT
  • Your own personal “Organizing Principle,”  “Ocean of Energy,” & “Access Point”
  • Be in, move from, return to Center for Insta-Calm, Focus and Peaceful Power


  • Settle into your belly, legs, feet
  • Draw from the earth & natural forces


  • Breath IS life, pulsating cosmic intelligence & capability through you at all times
  • Breath Power! (The “Kokyu” Key) to relax, focus, reset your systems
  • “3 Deep Breaths” (Thom Crum): Center, Release, Expand Into Source


  • CONNECTION: Left & Right / Lower & Upper / Inner & Outer
  • UNIFICATION: “The Sword That Cuts Together”
  • AAA LINE-UP: Aim your mind. Align your body. Accomplish Your Goals.


  • HARMONIZE with what’s happening
  • Blend with The Big Consciousness
  • Multiply your power
  • Acceptance & The Magic of Non-Resistance

#6) LET GO!

  • Now you know ~ So Let Go & Let Good
  • You’re either holding…on, in, up, back, against, tight, etc … or Letting, Allowing
  • The Power in RELEASING
  • TRUST THE ENERGY / Let It do the work!

#7) FLOW

  • IN-SYNCH: Easy Really Does Do It!
  • Whole New Ways of Winning ~ Creating ~ Succeeding


Employ It & Enjoy It!

Jamie Leno Zimron, / /
760-492-GOLF (4653)

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