Best Training Blog Posts of 2010

OK, it’s that time of year – here are my best training blogs of 2010 as judged by hits and a little bias from me. I’ll be cutting back on blogging in 2011 to focus on writing a book on embodied training but will still publish one quality article a week (mainly with an embodied focus).

How to Change

The most popular blog post of the year was this one on how to change. Some original and well researched advice on making training or personal growth stick. Useful at this time of year if you’re making resolutions.

How to Deal with Shit

Proving that obscenity – and obscenely useful advice condensing the psychological literature into an accessible form -sells.  How to deal with shit.

Tips to Overcome Procrastination

Know about frog eating, tickling and slicing. Find out what this has to do with time management and getting stuff done in 2011 here.

Are You Stressed?

Massively popular from Google image searches this stress symptoms blog will let you know if you are suffering from the signs of stress.

Emotional Intelligence Facts

Some info on EI.

best training blog posts of 2010

Are you Running the Integral Operating System?

For the philosphically and theoretically minded this post on integral business describes the best meta-model we know of and some practical applications.

What are the politicians really saying?

Here was my take on the UK election candidates body language in the run up to the election. How much of it has been shown to be true not the Condems are running things?

Myers Briggs and the Body

Integration Training’s take on how personality typology Myers Briggs is embodied. Original work.

What is Intuition?

This post takes a complex seemingly esoteric subject and make it simple. What is intuition.

Embodied NonViolence

For the peace builders out there, a post on “Embodied NVC” and how peace and conflict live in our bodies. Three years in the making.

Archetypes and Leadership

A highly Re tweeted article on archetypes and leadership.

New Training Videos

OK, so not strictly a blog post but I started making videos in 2010 and they proved popular. This link will take you to the Youtube homesite with a video that shows what embodied training is, stress tips, time management tips and leadership tips videos.


I’m proud when I look at these, I hope you’ve found the content useful? Let me know what you want more or less of. Feedback very welcome.