Wellbeing Coaching

Want to feel better, have better relationships and get more productive stuff done in 2012?

This time of year is a bit crazy and we could all do with some extra support looking after ourselves. Whether it’s work change, Christmas stress or weight loss / fitness someone else who can coach you through the madness and get some help you get some good habits in place is really helpful. We’ve all read the books, we all know what we should be eating/drinking/ whatever, but without support few people manage lasting change to what they actually do. So give yourself or someone else a treat that will make a real difference to health and happiness and book

a coaching session on wellbeing.

Areas of Interest and Free Stuff

Stress and resilience (free stress tips video)

Fitness and weight-loss ( I just lost 6 KG myself and have helped others do this. See this.)

Time management / overwhelm (free productivity tips video)

What Happens in a Session?

Listening, a little well-researched advice, and some focused targeted conversations. You’ll walk away with a plan that I’ll hold you to. Expect support, challenge and change.


It’s a quiet time of year in business training so I’m happy to offer what I normally charge a lot more for for a bargain rate during the silly season.

£60 – one-0ff session

£100 – two session and a coaching call – great for getting long-term behavioural change.

Would make a great Christmas present for a friend you’d like to see healthier, happier or less just less of a moody git in 2012.

About Me

I am a full-time stress management, time management and leadership trainer based in Brighton. I have done this work for a few years with all kinds of people from bankers to monks to uni professors to soldiers. I’m very into health and fitness myself and you’ll find me at ZT’s gym most nights doing martial arts or off meditating somewhere. I love helping people with this stuff.

Next Step

Call or mail me to book a session – 07762 541 855   mark@integrationtraining.co.uk