Relational Embodiment

For Trainers, Coaches and Therapists

with Michael Soth

– Brighton 28th July, 10am-5pm

Being in our body and being with other people are core aspects of being human.

Both aspects are crucial to making our relationships effective, satisfying and sustainable at work and at home. Being in touch with ourselves (authentically embodied) and being in touch with others (authentically engaged) are equally important in generating the important quality of ‘presence’. Relational embodiment is about attending to both these relationships – with our bodies and with other people – and coaches, trainers and therapists can deepen and enhance their work through developing their awareness, skills and understanding in this area.

This course is led by renowned body psychotherapist Michael Soth and supported by embodied business trainer Mark Walsh.

What it’s like to be alive not just in a body, but as a body – in all your relationships: at work, at home and with yourself?

Most psychology, coaching and therapy still restricts itself to the mind and verbal interaction, although modern neuroscience conceptualises the mind as necessarily embodied and embedded (in a relational context). Learn how to go beyond the mind’s dissociation to access the full transformative potential of your work.

Benefits – Learn how to:

  • Incorporate the body into coaching, training and therapy
  • Find creative interventions that go beyond giving ineffective feedback to the client’s mind
  • Make the coaching relationship relevant to key relationships in your client’s life
  • “Go deep” with clients quickly and do work that “sticks”
  • Monitor and assess the degree of working alliance with your client non-verbally
  • Read and understand the client’s non-verbal communication in terms of their key life issues
  • Maximise the client’s system receptivity to change moments (neuroplasticity)
  • Access the client’s unconscious via embodied communication
  • Deal with your own negative reactions to your client

Suitable for:

–  Business trainers

–  Life coaches

–  Therapists

–  Teachers

–  Counsellors

–  Social workers

–  Care staff

–  Leaders interested in psychology

Experienced embodied practitioners may be interested in:

  • How to make sure that embodiment sticks and becomes a sustainable structure rather than remaining a temporary peak experience?
  • Embodiment via mindful control versus embodiment via mindless catharsis – is there a third way?
  • Accessing and addressing the client’s underlying structure of disembodiment and disassociation
  • Recognising and addressing underlying resistances and over-compliance
  • Recognising the client’s relational style as an embodied fixed pattern
  • What does your own moment-to-moment experience as a coach tell you about the client’s bodymind experience?
  • Making the training experience relevant to clients’ everyday working life
  • Counteracting, overriding or transforming patterns of dis-embodiment?
  • Some clients go through embodiment exercises in a contrived, choreographed and self-conscious way – how can we help them access spontaneity and vibrancy?



£95 per person (or bring a friend for £80 each) Tel: 07762 541 855

£50 Deposit secures a place:



About the trainers

Michael is in my researched opinion the leading body psychotherapist in the UK, and one of the best in the world. His clear no-nonsense approach is one I highly appreciate, so am hosting him in Brighton to learn more myself” – Mark Walsh, host.



Michael Soth has been studying a wide variety of approaches for over 30 years, from a range of holistic, psychological and integral perspectives. Having been Training Director at the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy for 20 years, he has been at the forefront of developing traditional Reichian and post-Reichian therapeutic modalities. In the profession, he is known for re-integrating the psychoanalytic and humanistic elements of these traditions, for his broad-spectrum integration of a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and for bringing embodiment to the ‘talking therapies’. He has been researching and developing his unique model of Relational Embodiment since the mid-90s. He is a frequent presenter at professional conferences, and has been running continuing professional development events for the last 18 years. For feedback and testimonials on this work, see his website:

On this training Michael will be supported by Mark Walsh who founded Integration Training – a business training company specialising in embodiment – five years ago. His background includes an honours degree in psychology and an aikido black-belt. His clients include Unilever, The Institute of Development Studies and The Army of Sierra Leone. Specialisms include embodiment applied to leadership and resilience, and he is pioneering teaching embodiment in combination with modern technology.