Embodiment for Life with Mark Walsh – Antwerp, 23rd February 2013, 10-5pm

Our posture, movement and breathing determine what we think, how we feel and what we achieve. Our physical ‘embodied’ presence also affects how we  engage with and are perceived by others.  In fact, most aspects of our work, communication and relationships are embodied, yet this area is largely ignored by our culture which so often operates from the neck up.

This is a practical, experiential course for those who wish to improve their life through better understanding their bodies.

Come if you’d like to:

  • Unlock what is hidden that may be limiting your life and work
  • Develop techniques to manage pressure, complexity and change, and develop greater emotional intelligence
  • Improve your communication, stress and time management
  • Improve your ability to “read” others and work with your intuition
  • Experience a fun day of play and exploration in a safe and supportive environment


Serious one

Cute one

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Mark Walsh is one of Europe’s leading “embodied” trainers. He has lead a company who specialise in this work for the past five years and taught in many countries. His qualifications include an honours degree in psychology, training in linguistics, NonViolent Communication, body-psychotherapy, improv., meditation, dance and martial arts (he’s an aikido black belt). His clients include Unilever, Virgin Atlantic and the University of Sussex. He has also worked with peace projects in Palestine/Israel, the slums of Brazil, East Africa and with The Sierra Leonian Army. He is the most followed trainer on Twitter and Youtube. More importantly than all this stuff however is that he really loves embodiment and is an utter obsessive geek about it.

Please note – this event will be filmed in part


Venue: Ananda Yoga Centrum, Kemmelbergstraat 14, 2600 Berchem, Belgium

To Register

The cost of the course is 95 Euros. Spaces are limited. Paying a deposit of 30 Euros here will secure your place:


To find out more contact here.