Leading through Embodiment Training – Berlin 23rd-24th August 2013

with Mark Walsh

What does the body have to do with who we are, the impact we make on others and what we are capable of in the world? An interactive workshop explores how posture and movement shape our personal leadership and teaches tools for life, so far little known in mainland Europe.

What we think, how we feel and what we are capable of doing at work is determined by our bodies. How others perceive us, how we get along with them and what we are able to see in them is also bodily. In fact most aspects of work and human relationships are “embodied” as this is our primary “operating system”. Whatever we do is with a body but most of us are educated from the neck up, but books and websites alone don’t give us the changes we might like.

The communication skills and charisma a leader has is underpinned by their physical presence. Embodied training is a leading-edge approach to leadership which helps people build impact, influence and trust, by working non athletically with posture and movement. More than body language, embodied training works with who someone is and what they are capable of. Key embodied skills include self-awareness (the basis of all leadership), the ability to “centre” under pressure and reading and empathising with others. Emotional intelligence is a part of embodied training and this has been shown to have a huge impact on career success.

For those that were at the last Berlin workshop we will review some of the same material but in new ways, as well as add new content such as:

  • The embodiment of team issues
  • The 4 elements model – an embodied typology which can be compared to Myers-Briggs. OCEAN etc
  • The body and emotional intelligence
  • The body and stress management – we all need this at times!

The embodiment of language – how “speech acts” such as requests, declarations to create new futures and making commitments rely upon the body. For anyone wanting to manage accountability and “getting things done” this is very useful.

Benefits of Attending
The training will focus on both self-awareness, clear understanding and developing practical new skills:

  • A deeper understanding of the relevance of body awareness, posture, movement and breathing to your work
  • Greater leadership impact and influence
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Practical ways of working with attention and intention
  • Methods for remaining calm under pressure
  • Increased authentic personal presence /charisma
  • Increased ability to “read” colleagues
  • Improved non-verbal communication

Who Can Attend?

  • Managers and leaders within organisations
  • Independent trainers and coaches interested in working with the body
  • Anyone looking to develop their individual leadership or grow as a person and people interested in tools for a better life
  • Business trainers and coaches looking to work more with the body
  • “Body people” (dancers, martial artists, bodyworkers, yogis) who would like to work with organisations

Cost: 240 € or early bird by 1st April 180 € or bring a friend (450 € for both).

A deposit of 50 € secures your place. Please click here to pay your deposit

Venue: artop GmbH 1st Floor, Christburger Str. 4 in  10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, Germany

To find out more email: Mark Walsh or joancarol.clark@human-aspects.de (German)

Mark Walsh is one of Europe’s leading “embodied” trainers. He has lead Integration Training for the past five years who specialise in this work, and taught in many countries. His qualifications include an honours degree in psychology, residential training with various bodymind masters such as Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Paul Linden and Wendy Palmer, training in linguistics, NonViolent Communication, body-psychotherapy, improv, meditation, dance and martial arts (he’s an aikido black belt). His clients include Unilever, Virgin Atlantic, Newfield coach training, Liberty Global, and the University of Sussex. He has also worked with peace projects in Palestine/Israel, the slums of Brazil, East Africa and with The Sierra Leonian Army. He is the most followed trainer on Twitter and Youtube and has the Google no.2 ranked management training blog. More importantly than all this stuff however is that he really loves embodiment and is an utter obsessive geek about it.

Embodiment Facilitator Course – Year Training

This workshop is a good introduction for anyone looking to train professionally in this area. This would include:

If you are interested in an Embodiment Facilitator Course – Year Training in Berlin starting 2013, this 2-day course is the perfect possibility to check out its lead trainer Mark Walsh.

If we have enough interest we will run a year-long German Embodiment Facilitator Course, with UK, US and German/German-speaking staff. If not people are welcome on the upcoming UK course starting in April (you may want to hold the dates if very keen):