Leadership Through The Body – Brighton 17th January 2014

Embodied Training for Coaches, Trainers, Consultants and HR Professionals

Embodied Training for Coaches, Trainers, Consultants and HR Professionals

Friday 17th January 2014, 10am-5pm

With Francis Briers of Integration Training

Our posture, movement and breathing determine what we think, how we feel and what we achieve. Our physical ‘embodied’ presence also affects how we engage with and are perceived by others. In fact, most aspects of our work, communication and relationships are embodied.

This is a practical experiential taster session for those who wish to develop these skills in a business or general work context.

What you’ll learn:

  • How the body influences our impact
  • How to work with the body confidently and safely
  • Practical embodied tools you can use the next day with clients
  • About yourself – what is hidden that is limiting your work
  • About others – how their bodies may be impacting their work
  • Applications within leadership, stress/change management, team building, coaching and communication training
  • Practices to develop leadership impact and influence – for yourself and your clients
  • Techniques to manage pressure, complexity and change, and to develop greater emotional intelligence
  • How to better ‘read’ others and employ your intuition
  • Tips on how to make this work accessible and relevant within a no-nonsense business environment

Who this workshop is for:

  • Business and life coaches
  • Business trainers, facilitators and consultants
  • HR professionals interested in exploring embodiment
  • Organisational leaders and heads of department
  • Teachers looking to explore a different domain of learning
  • Yoga, dance and martial arts teachers looking to apply their skills to mainstream markets
  • Therapists and alternative health practitioners
  • Anyone looking to develop their individual leadership or grow as a person

Francis Briers is one of Europe’s leading ‘embodied’ trainers. He has worked alongside Mark Walsh at Integration Training for the past five years, an organisation which specialises in Embodied Leadership and facilitation work. His qualifications include: an honours degree from one of the UK’s top drama schools; training in a range of martial arts (including 3rd Dan black belt in Karate); extensive dance and movement work including 5 rhythms, Alexander technique in movement, and Uzazu Embodied Change Facilitation; Hawaiian Temple Style massage practitioner; currently the only Samurai Game facilitator in the UK; and deviser of the ‘Somatic Presence’ approach to embodied coaching.  His clients include Hewlett Packard, HSBC, The Met Police, LexisNexis, The Academy for Chief Executives, The Global Leaders Academy, and Roffey Park. He is also a trained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual counsellor who has studied spiritual practices and perspectives from around the world. He has published 2 books on personal development and is known for creating learning that balances depth and play, challenge and safety.

To Register:

The cost of this course is £150. Spaces are limited. Make a deposit or make full payment here to secure your place

Venue:  The Ki Centre, Queens Square, Brighton

To find out more contact francis at integrationtraining.co.uk


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