Embodiment for Coaches and Trainers with Mark Walsh, Morges, Switzerland, 23 May 2014

Embodied Training for Coaches, Trainers, Consultants and HR ProfessionalsOur posture, movement and breathing determine what we think, how we feel and what we achieve. Our physical ‘embodied’ presence also affects how we engage with and are perceived by others. In fact, most aspects of our work, communication and relationships are embodied – yet this area is largely ignored by our culture which so often operates from the neck up.

This is a practical, experiential workshop for those who wish to develop these skills in a business or general work context.

Come if you’d like to:

  • Get a deeper understanding of the relevance of body awareness, posture, movement and breathing to your work
  • Learn how to work with the body confidently and safely
  • Improve your self-awareness – what is hidden that is limiting your work
  • Practice embodied leadership and influence
  • Get practical embodied tools you can use with clients
  • Practice techniques to manage pressure and complexity
  • Learn how to better “read” others and employ your intuition
  • Get tips on how to make this work accessible and relevant within a no-nonsense business environment

Mark Walsh Embodiment TrainerMark Walsh is one of Europe’s leading ‘embodied’ trainers. For the past five years he has led Integration Training, who specialise in this work, and has taught in many countries. His qualifications include an honours degree in psychology, residential training with various bodymind masters such as Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Paul Linden and Wendy Palmer, training in linguistics, Non Violent Communication, body-psychotherapy, improvisation, meditation, dance and martial arts. His clients include Unilever, Virgin Atlantic, Newfield coach training, Liberty Global, and the University of Sussex. He has also worked with peace projects in Palestine/Israel, the slums of Brazil, East Africa and with the Sierra Leonian Army.

Date: Friday May 23, 09:00-17:30

Venue: Morges (3 min. from Gare CFF)

Cost:  CHF 375 incl. VAT

To register: Click here

Questions & info: E-mail maria.wilhelmsson (at) voximpact.com or call 079 815 76 84

Watch Mark Walsh here:

What is embodiment and why does it matter?

Coaching and the body