Paris – Embodied Training and Coaching, June 25th, 26th 2014

An experiential dive into the depths of embodied training and coaching for coaches who have already trained in the basics.Embodied Training

– Practical coaching tools – a review and deepening of classic techniques and some new ones
– The meta models experienced embodied trainers are (mostly unconsciously) using
– Moving from new-age superstition to rigor in embodied work
– Centering – advanced level and variations
– From four archetypes/dispositions to twelve
– Using language and speech actions with embodiment
– Embodied evidence base and neuroscience
– A collegiate space to play, explore and have fun together

Training will be in English with French translation by Pierre Goirand

Corporate internal HR, consultant or coach 695€ H.T
Self-employed (coach, consultant, trainer, …) 495€ H.T

Training will take place at : ERELIA, 10 Rue Vicq d’Azir 75010 PARIS

Day 1 :  9 – 17h30,  Day 2 : 9 – 17h00

Registration and admin:
Christine Baretto
Tel  :  +33 1 43 58 04 44

Pierre Goirand
Cell : +33 6 15 02 44 52

Euro 100 payment in advance. Click here to make your payment.

With Mark Walsh, (somatics training with Newfield Europe), Founder of Integration Training and the Embodied Facilitator Course

contact: markatintegrationtrainingdotcodotuk

View some of Mark’s Integration Training videos here:

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